The Firm was established in consequence of converting a public enterprise and since 1997 we have been conducting business as a employees’ company.
  Our Firm, a public enterprise then, started its economic activity 1945. On commencing our activity we first produced articles and spare parts for light industry, including among others leather driving belts.
  A turning point for the enterprise appeared to be the beginning of 80th years. Just then we started manufacturing of modern and innovated driving and conveyor belts with interspersed plastics layer. In the 80th and 90th years we introduced into the market numerous best quality products, for which we obtained patents and certificates of origin.
  These products are conveyor belts of fabric plastics structure applied to middle weight and light conveyance. We started manufacturing ways end and side limiters conveyor belts and belts of antistatic properties .
  For conveyor belts applied in food industry we obtained PZH Certificate of Quality permitting direct contact of this belt with food products.
  The further development of our Firm depends on regular extending of new markets, inclusive international markets, on introducing new products and process engineering, on improving quality and on quicker and more efficient customer service.
  We have at our disposal research and development facilities to perform laboratory tests on our products. We can also offer service to enable assembling the conveyor and driving belts direct at our customers.
  Apart from the products mentioned above we also manufacture in DZAT Ltd. many other products like:

- plastics belts of wedge and round section

- spindle belts (for textile industry)

- plastics conic and cylindrical spools for winding and twisting machines in textile industry

- doubledisk spools for cable industry

- leather pickers, thimbles, leather belts, bump stops, sleeves etc.

- leather seals of different shape and size .

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