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Flat driving belts -
of multilayer structure. The main layer put under load is a high resistance plastics foil in the internal area of the belt.

Range of breadth: from 5 to 500 mm.
Length unrestricted according to your order
Range of working temperature : from - 20 to + 75OC.
Application: drives for machines and devices of different power.

The belts can be ordered :
   - as closed to a circuit
   - at specified length
   - with ends prepared for assembly.

  Please quote in your order the type of belt, its breadth and length (circuit’s length or number of running meters).


Schematic diagrams of driving belts                  

Flat driving belts

In case of great difficulties to fit a suitable belt to the existing machine you can consult with the Firm which offers a charge free service to you.

We can also offer a service to assemble belts at our customers !

Flat conveyor belts -
we produce standard belts and belts for food industry
(with PZH, FDA and USFDA Certificates).

The standard belts are in green or black.
The belts for food industry are in white.
The belts produced by our Firm are water and UV resistant as well as light concentrated acids , bases and salts resistant.
They show a high wear and dynamic loadresistance.
For working under special conditions we offer conveyor belts of antistatic properties.
The belts can have at their bottom part one or two leading wedge belts.
Range of breadth: up to 2000 mm.
Length unrestricted according to your order
Range of working temperature for standard belts: from + 5 to + 75OC
Belts for food industry: from - 30 to + 110 OC

The belts can be ordered:
- as closed to a circuit
- with metal ANKER (joints)

   If you wish the assembly can be carried out at your Firm by our service. The conveyor belts can be largely applied within manufacturing process for conveyance of various elements and metal, wood, plastic, paper goods, loose materials, food products ( bakery, sweets, fruit, vegetable, frozen food ), spinning yarn etc..
   While trying to fit a suitable belt you can consult with our Marketing Compartment employees. Their know how and experience are at your disposal.

Conveyor belts for food industry
Standard belts

Ways end and side limiters conveyor belts -
They can be applied to slope conveyance systems. There are to versions of them: standard belts or belts for food industry.
The ways - ends are of following heights: 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 mm and smaller made of wedge belts (typ Z, A, B).
The side - limiters ( OB ) are of bellows shape and their size is: 40 and 60 mm.

Ways end and side limiters conveyor belts closed to a circuit by „ANKER" (joints).

Technical leather articles are as follows -
- seals of following kinds and shapes:
 - P; flat
 - V; angular
 - M; shaped
 - U; shaped
 - K; hatshaped.
Range of seal diameter: from 10 to 800 mm.
- pickers, thimbles, sleeves, bump stops, leather belts, etc..
Shape and size of these products accord to drawings delivered by you or to our previous arrangements.

Plastics articles are as follows -
- spools for winding machines in textile industry of following types :
  * 4A; 55 x 145
  * 4A; 55 x 145 perforated
  * 4A; 59 x 170
  * 4A; 59 x 170 perforated
  * 5B; 65 x 175
  * 5A; 68 x 170

- conic spools for twisting machines in textile industry A 50 x 98

- foot spools, KING

- doubledisk spools for cable industry type:
  * K-125
  * K-160
  * K-200
  * K-250

Plastics products

- any other belts in accordance with our previous arrangements, among them doubledisk spools „ALPA" of aluminium core for twisting machines.

- Plastics belts of round section of following diameters:
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25 mm

Belts made of polyurethane (round)

- Plastics wedge belts type Z, A, B and ( 8 x 5 )
The belts mentioned above can be applied to driving and conveying systems.

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